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Michael Whyatt Brookes
The ramblings of a would-be writer

To date I've written one novel -

'Around the World in 50 Years' - subtitled 'Adventurous Episodes in the Life of James Winchester

Anyone foolish enough to want to read it will find it as a paperback on Amazon Books or as a download on Kindle

James Winchester wastes some of this time earning a living as a pilot and aviation engineer. The rest he uses well, savouring all the Epicurean delights that come his way. His journey takes him to a series of exotic locations around the world from a Roman amphitheatre in Cyprus to a down-town night club in Hong Kong. It embraces, from the 1950s to the new millennium, a kaleidoscope of exhilarating, romantic and sometimes downright risqué situations. His friends describe him as an amiable gentleman with a touch of raffishness. His enemies use the word ‘rake’. Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between…..